Overview of customization options

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Here at SheerID we have put a lot of effort into building a core verification engine that is both simple and powerful. When you create a program as part of setting up your offer, it is ready to go and pre-configured with all of our best practices. Simply follow the basic steps outlined here to upload discount codes, publish it on an offer landing page, and launch. 


For our customers who wish to modify the program configurations to more precisely fit their unique needs, we offer a range of options. These can be used alone or in combination:

  1. Self-service editing in MySheerID program builder
    1. Modify program behaviors
    2. Edit words - in any language - in the verification form and emails
    3. Style the form and emails
  2. Developer resources
    1. REST API for programmatically sending and receiving data
    2. Javascript Library for self-assembling elements of the verification journey
  3. Professional services, for customers on a Business or Enterprise plan


Customization supported in MySheerID

The following features and functionality are available for use by all SheerID customers in the MySheerID program builder.


Category Topic Summary
Offer definition Eligible subsegments Define which sub-segments are eligible for your offer.
Offer definition Same-person redemption limit Define how often the same individual person can redeem your offer.
Offer definition Limiting or turning off your offer Set your program to automatically turn itself off when certain conditions are met.
Verification journey Editing form text Update some of the words in the verification form, to match your brand's tone of voice.
Verification journey Editing email text Update the subject line and body content of the four email types that are used in the verification process.
Verification journey Adding a redirect URL to success step Continue the journey for verified individuals by leading them where you want them to go next.
Verification journey Adding SMS notifiers Collect phone numbers from users when verifying. For anyone who needs to go through document review, an SMS notification will be sent when the review is approved.
Verification journey Linking to your brand's privacy policy Add a link to your brand's privacy policy in the footer of the verification form.
Brand Updating form and email styling Update how the form (and emails) look.
Marketing Editing marketing consent Remove or edit marketing consent language.
Marketing Tracking UTM or custom metadata Save information alongside a verification.
Integration Adding webhooks (Advanced) Set up webhooks that will be triggered at significant events in the verification journey.
Integration Account tagging (Advanced) After a person is verified, tag their customer record in another platform.
Integration Conversion tracking (Advanced) When a verified person completes a purchase, send that event back to SheerID.
Security Allowed domains (Advanced) Specify one or more domains that are allowed when the SheerID system processes a verification attempt
Security Protecting your offer Work with SheerID to balance stopping fraud while keeping the verification process lightweight for most customers.


NOTE: If there is something you're hoping to do, but don't see information about it here, please ask / tell us at productsupport@sheerid.com