Conversion Dashboard for Shopify clients

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Users of the SheerID Shopify app benefit from additional reporting on the conversion and revenue impact of their SheerID program.

All Shopify clients can view a special Conversion Dashboard in MySheerID.

Accessing the Conversion Dashboard

The Conversion Dashboard can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Log in to MySheerID as a user with the Reporter permission
  2. Click on Reporting in the lefthand navigation options
  3. Choose which Dashboard to view by selecting the drop-down arrow next to Performance Dashboard
  4. Click on Conversion Dashboard from the list of reports

Filtering the data

You can easily filter the data by adjusting one or more of the following available parameters at the top of your Conversion Dashboard:



The Conversion Dashboard presents eight key metrics to help you understand the impact of any SheerID programs being used by your SheerID Shopify app.

Metrics will be calculated based on any filters that have been applied.


The metrics presented and their definitions are as follows:

  • Total Billable Requests: A count of billable verification requests that have been submitted.
  • Eligible Requests: The number of the billable requests with an Eligible result.
  • Orders Verified by SheerID: The number of distinct purchases made for which a coupon provided by SheerID was applied.
  • Revenue Verified by SheerID: The total revenue generated by all purchases shown under Orders Verified by SheerID.
  • Total AOV: The average order volume (AOV) of all orders from the Shopify store.
  • AOV Verified by SheerID: The average order volume (AOV) of only purchases shown under Orders Verified by SheerID.
  • Conversion Rate: The total number of Orders Verified by SheerID divided by the number of consumers who completed a SheerID verification form.
  • Percentage of Rewards Used: The total number of Orders Verified by SheerID divided by the number of Eligible Requests.