Add School Request FAQ

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This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the SheerID Add School Request process.

What is an Add School Request?

An Add School Request (ASR) is a request to have a school researched and possibly added to a particular program's school dropdown list.

The Add School Request form serves two primary purposes:

  1. It allows a consumer to search the list of known schools to see if their school is known by SheerID and if that school is eligible for the offer.
  2. In the case where a student or teacher searches the dropdown list and does not find their school, they can submit a request that their school is researched.

If a student or teacher cannot locate their school on SheerID's dropdown menu, it does not necessarily mean that that we are unaware of their school. It could mean that the school is not eligible for the offer and therefore it is not visible and available for selection. For example, if a company has an offer for university students only, high schools will not appear on the list or be eligible for inclusion. Another reason that a student or teacher could not locate their school is that we know the school by another name, for example, UCLA vs University of California - Los Angeles.

Why does SheerID have an ASR process?

We have an ASR process to ensure that SheerID captures all eligible academic institutions per Higher Education Institution (HEI) category, and per country. This also allows us to add schools that may be newly chartered, and to keep lists of schools current due to name changes, to recognize aliases, and other changes to the academic institution like URL.

Why are some schools marked ineligible?

If a school is listed as "ineligible," it does not fit the criteria defined for the offer. Using the example above, high schools and post-secondary (trade/vocation) schools would be listed as ineligible for an offer intended exclusively for university students or teachers. By filling out the ASR form, students and teachers will see that their school is known by SheerID, but that there is a reason is not included in the dropdown list.

What happens when a customer submits an Add School Request form?

Add School Requests are evaluated individually. A school will be added to the eligible school list if it is found to meet the criteria for the particular program, but will not be added if it does not qualify. If the school is added, the student or teacher who submitted the request will be notified via email. If the school is not added, there is no notification.

The ASR form is not unique to each program. This form is standard and utilized across all SheerID educational programs. That said, the geography and organizations represented in the school organization search within the form match the program configurations of the of the program in question. For example, the dropdown menu for a US-only, University-level only offer will only display universities in the US as those are the only schools eligible for the program.