Understanding your program performance

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Now that you've launched your SheerID program, you probably want to see how it's doing. SheerID's reporting capabilities are available to all customers, and can help you easily get answers.

Basic Reporting Options

We offer 3 primary methods of reporting:

  1. Performance dashboard. Summary and visual graphics of all your programs. Any custom-built reports will also be available by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to Performance Dashboard at the top of this screen.
  2. Downloadable reports. CSVs of the full verification data sets. These reports provide flexibility for analyzing verification data and their information can be imported into other tools used to manage customer relationships.
  3. Reporting endpoint. Your developers can programmatically pull reports.

NOTE: the performance dashboard does NOT include verifications made while the program is in test mode, but the downloadable reports do. To confirm program behaviors and troubleshoot, you can also use the MySheerID verification search feature.

Go further: Track Metadata

If you're interested in tracking traffic sources or other information alongside the verification, you can set up metadata tracking:

Advanced: Conversion Tracking

Want to know how many people who get verified for your offer go on to complete a purchase? Want to know the AOV (average order value) of your verified customers? 

If you have technical resources available, you can answer these questions with conversion tracking. Our developer center has more details on this important topic.