How to test programs using Test Mode

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End-to-end testing should always be part of the implementation of a new program, prior to launching to your customers. You may also want to test specific parts of a Live program due to program changes, product enhancements, etc. 

To facilitate program testing, SheerID gives you special “test mode” behaviors. A verification using “test mode” behaviors will not use SheerID’s verification datasources and will not send documents through live Document Review. Different verification journeys can be invoked using the rules described in this article. Test mode verifications are not considered billable and (if applicable) will not draw down from your verification bundle.

There are two ways to experience “test mode” behaviors on a verification: set the program’s status to ‘test’ or use the testing allowlist. Testing in true Test mode has the exact same behavior as testing using the Testing allowlist. For more information on the distinction between the two, review this article. 

Please note: before launching publicly, ensure your program's status is 'live', not 'test'

Instant Success

To simulate the customer happy path:

  1. Navigate to the page where you have placed the verification form.
  2. Enter any dummy data you want into the form. If you want to see the success email, use a real email address you have access to.
  3. Submit the form.
  4. The verification will immediately go to Success state and you will receive a Success message and Success Email (if applicable).
  5. Please note that if you’re using a single-use code reward strategy, codes aren't distributed when a verification form is in Test Mode or when testing with the Allowlist. Instead you will receive a truncated code with symbols in place of alphanumeric characters. 

Alternative Success Paths

SheerID is the industry leader in authoritative verification data, so we have a high rate of instance success. However, there are still many cases in which an individual won't match an instant data source or will be required to show additional proof of eligibility. See this article for an explanation of typical steps in the verification journey.

To simulate each of these paths, use the following First Names. Remember that not all programs will have all verification methods enabled, so some of the items may not be applicable to your program.

If First Name equals And the source is configured on your program, then

User is prompted to log in to their organization's online portal.

Clicking the button will open the testing portal (using SAML), with clear instructions on the page on how to enter an acceptable username and password to simulate successful login.


User is told to check their email inbox and click on the button in the email.

Clicking the button simulates successful completion of this step.


User is prompted to upload a document to prove their eligibility.

Uploading a document with a filename that starts with 'approve' will simulate a document review success.

In the Document Upload step, there are a total 5 different scenarios to test. Upload the test documents listed below to simulate the different outcomes.

Scenario How to trigger Expected outcome
Document Review success + email upload this testing file or any image file whose filename begins with approve

Within 20 seconds after submitting the document, you’ll be taken to the Success step.

Success email will be sent.

Document Review pending upload this testing file or any image file whose filename begins with needs_review The verification will remain in document review pending mode indefinitely.
Document Review rejection + email upload this testing file or any image file whose filename begins with reject

Within 20 seconds after submitting the document, you’ll be taken back to the Document Upload step and be given the chance to try again.

Rejection email will be sent.

Max rejection + email on the same verification, upload a rejection file 3 times

Within 20 seconds after submitting the final document, you’ll see the Max Failure step.

Max failure email will be sent.

Reminder email

once the verification is on the Doc Upload step, wait 15 minutes without further action


note: for customers working with SheerID’s Professional Services team, the reminder email may be configured for a different amount of time

If a reminder email notifier is configured on your program, it will be sent.


In some situations, an individual will be told they cannot continue verifying. To simulate each of these paths, use the following First and Last Name guidance.

If First Name equals



(note, that's a double underscore)

User is told there was an error performing the verification.


User is told that they have already redeemed this offer and cannot verify again. This simulates someone hitting your prescribed redemption limit.

If Last Name equals



User is presented with a message saying that they cannot be verified using the information submitted.

Looking Up Test Outcomes

To see information about test verifications, click on the Search tool in the left navigation found within MySheerID.

By default, the tool only searches live verifications; to find test mode verifications, add “testing:” as a prefix to the search term. Eg if you started a test verification with the email “”  then you would search “”