Overview of Consumer Privacy Protections

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SheerID is a privacy-first company. We use a minimal amount of personal information to perform verifications, and are transparent with how the information will be used. We never ask users to create a login/password on our system. We never share, sell or re-market any personal information, ever. We utilize strong privacy protections for consumers (as opposed to standard marketing and web activity tracking techniques) and develop our products to assist our customers handle their compliance requirements with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.   

Default Privacy Policy Language

When the verification form is presented to someone looking to get verified for your (our customer) promotional offer, it is important that they have clarity about what information they are being asked to provide, and how that information will be used. 

SheerID’s solution asks every person seeking your promotional offer to only provide the minimal amount of information that is necessary to prove eligibility for the offer. The information requested is clear, and the form footer explains how the information will be used. 

SheerID's relationship with the consumer data is that of the processor of the information or service provider to you, our customer. You are the controller of the information, since you have access to (and “own”) the provided information and have an ongoing relationship with the consumer. As the controller (aka business, in CCPA/CPRA terms), you are required to provide notice of your brand's privacy policy to the consumer and obtain their acknowledgement of your brand’s privacy policy.

Marketing Consent

Typically, our customers like to market to people who start a verification request, regardless of the outcome of the verification. To comply with anti-spam laws, it is important you gain consent from every person verifying, before reaching out to them outside of the verification context.

SheerID makes this easy, by giving you the option to include a checkbox and marketing intent statement on your verification form. This checkbox is opt-in only (we don’t offer an opt-out option) because SheerID is a privacy-first company and we believe in gaining express consent for developing a relationship between your brand and the consumer. 

We provide the option of making the opt-in checkbox required to be selected, in order to submit the form. If you choose to mark opt-in required, please make sure you comply with local laws, including providing consumers with the ability to opt out of or unsubscribe from future marketing activities.


Default view of the marketing-consent checkbox and footer



Clicking on or tabbing to the footer expands it



Editing the defaults

Privacy Policy

Because the verification form footer is a legal agreement between the consumer and your company, the text cannot be modified.

However, it is recommended that you provide information to the consumer regarding your privacy practices as required by most privacy regulations. To effectively inform the consumer how their data may be used by the brand, we provide a mechanism to add an explicit link to your brand's privacy policy. See this article about adding a link to your brand’s privacy policy.

Marketing consent

You can make the checkbox required or optional.

You can edit the marketing statement that the consumer is agreeing to, when they opt-in to receiving marketing from you.

You can remove the marketing consent box altogether, if you do not plan to market to consumers acquired through verification OR are gathering there consent elsewhere, such as during an account creation process.

See this article about making those updates to the marketing consent feature.

Information sharing between SheerID and the brand

You, the brand, are able to see all information submitted by consumers on the initial Collect Info step. This is available via REST APIs and downloadable reports.

The customer service exception

Sometimes you and your team will need to see consumer documents for the purposes of helping with consumer support issues. For example, maybe the document was rejected as likely fraudulent / photoshopped, and the consumer complained about this. Users on your account with the right permissions can use the MySheerID customer search tool to look up that verification and see the submitted document. Users can then determine whether to over-rule SheerID's rejection or let it stand.

This is a limited use case, protected by user permissions, and documents can only be accessed one at a time. Documents cannot be downloaded in bulk, and by default are permanently deleted after a verification is confirmed.