Looking up information about a verification

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In addition to downloading CSVs of verification data in SheerID's Report Center, you can search in MySheerID for individual verification records.

Typically, searching for a particular verification is done as part of either

  1. Testing your program configuration
  2. Providing consumer support

The below video will walk you through searching for individual verification records in your MySheerID account, as well as an overview of the options you can take on a customer's behalf.

The below article also provides some written details of the information covered in this video.

Searching for a verification

  1. Log in to MySheerID as a user with the Customer Service permission
  2. Click on Search in the left navigation panel
  3. Enter the search query and hit Enter on your keyboard
If you're searching for a verification that was created while the program was in test mode, add the prefix "testing:". For example if you're looking up a test by email, type "testing:example@example.com."

Starting a search


Seeing full details

  1. Search a consumer's verification request history. SheerID recommends searching for the consumer's email address that was used on the verification form.
  2. Click on the search result you want to see more details for
  3. Click the arrow in the upper right to expand the details
Some information is only available to users on your account with specific user permissions. The account owner will always have all permissions by default. If other members of your team are assisting you in testing your program or providing customer support, the account owner should ensure that their user accounts also have the necessary permissions. Your customer service reps can apply their judgment to unblock a frustrated consumer who was unable to successfully complete a verification. 


If a consumer was approved through document review, users with the correct permission can access that document on a one-off basis until it is permanently deleted from SheerID's system. Typically, this occurs 7 days after the verification was started, which is at the same time the verification expires (i.e. locks-in the current result of Eligible or Ineligible). Clients who have custom implementations may have access to documents for varying lengths of time depending on the program configurations selected.

Search results view



Expanded view, for full details