Helping Blocked Customers

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SheerID uses a proprietary method of defining the "same person". The default configuration balances blocking bad actors from trying to game the system while seeking to not cause undue friction for legitimate customers trying to get the offer.


Ultimately, it is up to SheerID's customers to decide if and when they wish to make exceptions to the limit policies. We offer 2 options for your support team to unblock customers who have been stopped by SheerID's algorithms.


In both cases:

  1. Log in to MySheerID with a user with the correct user permissions.
  2. Click on the Search icon on the left side
  3. Search for applicable verification. Note: Asking the consumer what email they used to verify is often easiest.
  4. Once the correct verification is found Click the arrow in upper right, to open the full details for it


Approving a Verification

If a consumer has an active verification pending (in other words, the verification hasn't yet expired because it's still less than 7 days from when the verification was started), you will see the option to upload a document.

This assumes your support rep has already asked the consumer for confirmation of their eligibility for the offer, and they are ready to flip this verification to approved.

  1. Select a file for upload
  2. The verification will automatically move to Success / Approved, with the proper workflow triggered (eg Success email and any configured webhook notifiers will be sent)

NOTE: any file can be used. If you don't want to bother with record keeping, you can instruct your support reps to upload any file of your choice.





Resetting the Redemption Limit

This will wipe the slate clean for the offer, as if the unique person has not recently tried (or succeeded at) redeeming the offer. 


  1. Click the “Reset” button under “Reset Person Limits”.
  2. Instruct the consumer to start a new verification, by navigating to your offer and filling in the verification form again