Helping Blocked Customers

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SheerID uses a proprietary method of defining the "same person." The default configuration balances blocking bad actors from trying to game the system while seeking to not cause undue friction for legitimate customers trying to get the offer.

Ultimately, it is up to SheerID's clients to decide if and when they wish to make exceptions to the limit policies. We offer 2 options for your support team to unblock customers who have been stopped by SheerID's algorithms.

In both cases:

  1. Log in to MySheerID with a user with the correct user permissions.
  2. Click on the Search icon on the left side
  3. Search for a verification belonging to the user you are assisting. SheerID recommends asking the consumer what email they used to on the verification form.
  4. Once the correct verification is found, click the arrow in the upper right, to open the full details of the request.

Approving a Verification

The option to upload a document to approve a verification request will appear for those individuals with the correct user permissions. If a consumer has an active verification and has confirmed their eligible status with your support team – or your support team wishes to grant them an exception, any document uploaded and submitted will allow the verification request to be instantly approved. Documentation submitted in this manner will not go through SheerID's manual document review.

To approve a verification request, follow the steps below:

  1. Select a file for upload. This typically is the document the consumer provided that proves their eligibility.
  2. Once the appropriate file has been selected, hit "Submit."
  3. The verification will automatically move to a Success / Approved state. Depending on your program's configuration, success emails or webhook notifiers will automatically trigger at this time.
Any file can be used. If you don't want your support team handling this kind of PII, you can instruct your support reps to upload any file of your choice.

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Resetting the Redemption Limit

If a consumer has hit any of the redemption limits set in place, their verifications will be blocked by the SheerID system. Redemption limits are set by the SheerID client during the implementation phase and are custom to each program. If you have questions regarding the person limits on your program, please reach out the Product Support Team for assistance.

Resetting the redemption limit for your offer will allow a consumer who has been blocked from submitting a verification request, either due to having a previous approval or submitting too many requests in a short period of time, to try again.

To reset the redemption limit for an individual, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “Reset” button under “Reset Person Limits.”
  2. You should see a confirmation that you have successfully reset the person limit.
  3. Instruct the consumer to start a new verification, by navigating to your offer and filling in the verification form again

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