Uploading codes

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You can upload a CSV file containing your desired reward codes to your SheerID program using the below steps.

  1. Log in to your MySheerID by providing your username and password.
  2. Navigate to your list of Programs.
  3. Select the program that you'd like to upload codes.

Uploading Codes 1.png

4. Click on the Offer tab.

Uploading Codes 2.png

5. For the Discount method, select Discount Codes > One code for all eligible customers > Unique, single-use codes from the dropdown.

Uploading Codes 3.png

6. Click on the Upload Codes button.

Uploading Codes 5.png

7. Click Upload Codes from the popup window to attach your code file from your computer. Once the codes have been uploaded, you will see the popup Upload Results that will confirm the number of uploaded codes. Click Done.

If uploading more than 100K codes at one time, it is advisable to divide your code files into smaller batches.

Uploading Codes 6.png

8. Save your program update.

Uploading Codes 8.png

After a consumer is verified, SheerID will distribute one of these codes until the supply is exhausted. Each code is only given out once, and on the program overview page you can see how many codes are remaining.

MySheerID will automatically send notification alerts via email to the Program Admin when your reward pool is running low on codes to ensure you have an opportunity to add additional codes before running out. If interested, read more about managing the set of available codes.