Creating offer codes

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When a person gets verified, they'll need to be able to redeem your offer. We recommend starting with coupon codes, as an easy mechanism to enable a verified person to apply the offer to their purchase. 

NOTE: If you're a retailer using one of SheerID's partner apps, the app automatically does this step for you.


Create Coupon Codes

  • After setting up your offer in your applicable purchase platform, we recommend creating a set of discount codes that a customer can plug in during your purchase / checkout process to apply the offer. 
  • Coupon codes (aka discount codes) are a great way to go because they're supported by all purchase platforms, without any coding required. And they support guest checkouts, which is important to most industries. 
  • The discount codes should be single-use codes. Once consumed, your purchase platform shouldn't allow the code to be re-used.
  • Export your codes to a CSV. You'll give us the codes in Step 4.
  • After SheerID verifies an individual for your offer, we will give them the coupon code immediately, in the form, as well as send it to them in an email. 




Advanced Options

  • SheerID also provides options for tagging customer accounts with a 'verified' status. This involves web development work and use of SheerID's REST APIs , as well as careful consideration of data flow diagrams and edge case handling. Therefore, this is only supported by SheerID for customers who have purchased an Annual plan, that includes support from a SheerID Solutions Architect.
  • If you're considering a particularly high-value offer and/or are worried about offer protection, please see the section of protecting your offer. SheerID provides a range of anti-fraud measures and for customers on an applicable Annual plan, can do custom consultations with our dedicated fraud squad.


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