Managing user permissions on your account

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SheerID offers a good amount of granularity for controlling what users on your MySheerID account are allowed to see and do. 

To edit a user's role or permission:

  1. Make sure the user has accepted the invitation to join your MySheerID account and set their personal MySheerID login password
  2. Log in to MySheerID
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on Team
  5. Hover over the user you want to edit
  6. Click on the down arrow or pencil icon
  7. Make your selections
  8. Click save

NOTE: if the user is currently logged in, they'll need to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.


User Roles

A user may have one of two roles: Administrator or User


A user with an Admin role may:

  • Access the Users tab under Settings
  • Access the Accounts tab under Settings
  • Invite new users to join the account
  • Upgrade any user to Admin role
  • Delete a user
  • Change permissions of any user on the account, including themself
  • Subscribe to and manage pay-as-you-go billing plans


A non-admin user is simply referred to as a User. A person with the User role may not perform the team administrator functions above.

It is the client’s responsibility to disable users who leave their organization. This should be done immediately at the time of that user’s departure. Instructions for disabling users can be found here.

Account Owner

Account Owner is a special designation belonging to the person who originally created the SheerID account for their organization. This person has the same privileges as the Administrator role.

Account Owner is a designation which cannot be easily changed. Please contact SheerID's Product Support team if you need to assign the Account Owner role to a different user.

User Permissions

Any user on the account (Administrators or Users) can be granted the following permissions by a person with the Administrator role.


  • Has access to the Reporting area in MySheerID
  • Can see and interact with the Performance Dashboard
  • Can download the verification report CSV. The report has full verification detail including any custom metadata saved with the verifications.
  • Has access to the Bundles section of Settings and can view the report

Customer PII

  • In the Reporting area in MySheerID, downloaded verification reports can include consumers’ name, email, DOB, and any other collected PII (personally identifiable information)
  • NOTE: please make sure you have properly gathered consent before using PII information for marketing purposes. SheerID offers a marketing opt-in feature on the verification forms

Customer Service

  • Has access to Customer Search tool within MySheerID. See Reporting.
  • May reset a customer's Redemption Limit.
  • Can search all verification history by customer’s full name, email, or verificationID and in some cases, also have option to do a wildcard search on phone number

Customer Service Manager

  • When added to a user with the Customer Service permission, adds the ability to access and download documents as well as upload documents for auto-approval and purge Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Customer Service Specialist

  • When added to a user with the Customer Service permission, adds the ability to access and download documents

API Access

  • Has access to Access Tokens tab within Settings area in MySheerID
  • API token access to use REST API endpoints. Requires Reporter role; if user also has the Customer PII role, then reports will include PII

Program Admin

  • Has access to the Programs area in MySheerID
  • Can edit any program

Message Admin

  • Has access to the Programs area in MySheerID
  • Can edit text for forms and emails

Reward Admin

  • Required to upload reward codes to a program.
  • Is included on email alerts related to low single-use code reward pools