Redemption Limits

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The following article provides an overview of the configuration options available for Redemption Limits, a self-service feature available for most programs in MySheerID. Redemption limits allow program administrators to define how often the same person can be verified to redeem a program offer.

This feature can be accessed by clicking the Settings tab at the top of MySheerID when your program is selected. It is available during new program creation as well as when modifying existing programs.

For information on a related self-service feature, see our article on Instant Rate settings.

Accessing program settings

Once you have designed your program, navigate to the Settings tab at the top of MySheerID.


Configuring Redemption Limits

The self-service feature described below cannot be used to adjust any custom Redemption Limits that SheerID has implemented in your program. If you need to make changes to SheerID-customized Redemption Limits, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Within the Settings area, click on the drop-down arrow next to Redemption Limits to expand the settings for this feature.


By default, new programs will have a single Redemption Limit activated that allows each individual who attempts verification to be approved for an offer once every 30 days.

In the below example, the Redemption Limit has been adjusted to permit verification approval twice within 30 days.


You can use the drop-down options shown above to adjust how many times a person can be approved during what span of time. You can also add up to one additional Redemption Limit, in which case both Redemption Limits will be applied. For example, you could configure your settings so that each individual can be approved for an offer once every 30 days, but no more than 6 times total over the course of 365 days.

The following values are available to select:

  • Number of times: 1-10
  • Days: 30, 60, 90,  120, 335, and 365

Changing a Redemption Limit will reset the "number of times" counter on your program to zero (0) for that specific Redemption Limit for all consumers. It will not reset the "number of times" counter for your other Redemption Limit if no changes were made to that limit. This means that consumers who have already been verified and received access to your offer will be allowed to verify again until they again reach one or more active Redemption Limits.

A warning dialog is offered before saving changes to Redemption Limits that advises on the impact of making changes. If the impact is understood and you agree to it, click Confirm to implement the changes immediately.


Regular Improvements

SheerID is always working to improve both our fraud protection methodologies and our instant verification sources. Consumer conversion rates may fluctuate as improvements are released to the self-service Instant Rate levels (Permissive, Standard, and Conservative).

Contact SheerID or your CSM if you have questions or concerns regarding your conversion rates.


As you adjust your Redemption Limit and Instant Rate settings, be sure to keep track of your key metrics within the MySheerID reporting module to ensure you are achieving the results you desire.