Pay-as-You-Go Starter plans

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What is the Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan?

The entry-level option for purchasing SheerID’s services is known as the Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan, which offers pay-as-you-go-billing rather than an annual contract.

The Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan is intended for small and midsize businesses who want to try out SheerID's verification tools for gated offers, and is designed so that they can easily scale their verification volume as they see success.

The Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan is a monthly subscription in which billing occurs for the previous month's total completed verifications. Upgrading to an Annual Starter, Business, or Enterprise plan provides additional features not available in the Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan.

How to purchase

If you already have an active plan with SheerID, please reach out to your SheerID contact before attempting to purchase a Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan.

The Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan can be purchased via the following methods:

*Note that the Account page is only accessible by those with Admin level permissions for their account.


When you purchase a Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan, you agree to our standard VSA (Verification Service Agreement) and the terms shown to you on the Order Form. The Order Form is simply the screen shown to you during the purchase process, where you consent to having SheerID invoice you.

If you require a custom contract, you will need to talk to a SheerID contact about an Annual Starter, Business, or Enterprise plan.


There is a one-time fee for new Pay-as-You-Go Starter plans. This covers the cost of the first 200 verifications as well as an onboarding call with one of SheerID's coaches to get you started toward success.

There is no recurring subscription fee or minimum required verification volume.

Billable events

SheerID charges per verification. Every time a consumer fills in and submits a verification form for your gated offer, this is counted as a single verification and a billable event. This is true regardless of whether the submitter is determined to be eligible or ineligible for your offer. If the same person gets verified multiple times for the same offer, each of their individual submissions is counted as a verification.

Note that it is possible to establish same-person redemption limits to prevent endless verifications by a single consumer.

The following events are not considered billable and will incur no charges:

  • Verifications submitted that use test mode
  • Verifications that contain duplicate information for a consumer whose previous verification was submitted within the last 5 minutes
  • Verifications that are blocked by same-person redemption limits
  • Use of the REST API endpoints that is not creating a new verification (e.g. using the org search endpoint doesn't incur a charge).

Getting charged

The one-time fee for new Pay-as-You-Go Starter plans is charged immediately to the billing method provided at the time of sign-up.

For ongoing billing, SheerID's finance team will calculate all billable events from the previous month and charge the provided billing method. This will be a single charge for the total number of billable events multiplied by the per-verification price. This typically occurs in the middle of each month.

Canceling a Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan

The Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan can be canceled at any time. It can be canceled by visiting the same Account page or app used to originally initiate it.

There is no additional charge for canceling a Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan, though as a reminder the final charge for the most recent verifications performed will occur in the following month.