Prebuilt offer landing page

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For all programs created within the MySheerID platform or with SheerID's supported partner apps, SheerID automatically creates a hosted landing page for the verification flow. This offer landing page gives your SheerID program a digital home. Spark consumer interest with eye-catching imagery, describe your offer, outline eligibility, and invite customers to verify. It’s an easy yet powerful way to start driving interest for your offer.


Hosted Landing Page Mobile


Offer page functionality

  • The page automatically reflects the offer value, such as "35% off", that you defined on the Eligibility step.
  • You can edit all the text on the page, upload a logo, change the page styling, and/or swap in your own hero image.
    • The default hero image size is 2000px wide by 800px high. We recommend maintaining a 5:2 aspect ratio, though the image will auto-scale to available screen area of the viewer.
    • Both hero images and logo files are restricted to a file size of 1mb or less.
  • The page is mobile-responsive and optimized for conversion on all devices.
  • The page includes open graph tags and functionality to enable easy sharing of your offer via email, SMS, and social networks.
  • The page supports metadata provided via query parameters on the URL. Any key-value pair present in the URL linking to the page will automatically get saved as metadata on the verifications.


The prebuilt offer landing page is available on the Publish step in MySheerID



Publishing Your Offer

  • When you are ready to market your offer, simply link to this offer landing page from your social media channels and other promotional activities.
  • Using the offer landing page is complementary to also publishing your offer in other locations. For example, you could link to the offer landing page in your website footer and have a button deeper in your checkout flow to prompt your site visitors to get verified.
  • Of course, you can also ignore this prebuilt page and craft the verification journey in other ways, such as using the form install scripts.

NOTE: The offer landing page is most commonly used with coupon code reward strategies, in which it is easy for the verification journey to occur independently from other activity on your site.