Adding a Redirect URL to success / approval step

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Basic Redirect URL

When a person is verified for your offer, they see the Success step in the verification form. You can provide a suggestion of the next step they should take by adding a button to that step. That button can link to whatever destination you want it to, using what we call a redirect URL.


In this example, the redirect button is labeled "Use code now"

Metadata In Use Code Now Button


To add a redirect URL:

  1. Log in to MySheerID 
  2. Click on a program
  3. Click on Text step
  4. Add a URL to the field labeled Redirect URL
  5. Update the button label, if desired
  6. Click Save

NOTE: to work, the URL needs to include the http / https


Go Further: Include Metadata in the Redirect URL

If you would like to pass additional metadata in the Redirect URL , e.g., rewardCode=EXAMPLE-CODE or verificationID=580aa6900cf2c54b4733de9c, you may add the key(s) in the Redirect URL data card in the Program Settings page. When a Redirect URL is present on a program it designates where the user is taken after they click on a button from the approved message on a verification form or from the email sent after a successful verification. For example, the button “Use code now” in this example is linked to the Redirect URL.


By adding metadata to a Redirect URL you can do things like associate a consumer’s Account ID with a Verification ID from SheerID, or you can associate a verification with a particular ad campaign you are tracking using Metadata Options.


Note: Before using this setting, make sure you have a Redirect URL specified in the Customize Text area of your program. Once the Redirect URL Data setting is turned on in Program Settings the Redirect URL cannot be edited via the Customize Text area. If you have neglected to add a Redirect URL in the Customize Text area of your program you will need to turn off the Redirect URL Data card, add the URL in Customize Text and then turn the Redirect URL Data card back on.

Metadata In Redirect URL


On the Redirect URL Data card, click the dropdown caret to reveal the on/off toggle for the redirect URL feature and the text box where you will enter your key(s) and select their value. Some options for the values will be available automatically: rewardCode, verificationId and any metadata you have set in Metadata Options. To create keys and map them with values follow these instructions:

  1. Click the toggle switch to On to turn on adding metadata to the redirect URL
  2. Enter the name of the key you want included in the URL and choose what value you want included with it
  3. You may repeat step 2 by clicking “Add more” until you reach 10 keys and values. The same value may be associated with different keys if desired
  4. Click Save to commit your changes


To test that your redirect URL contains the values you have selected return to the Program tab, click “See Preview” and test your program. Type in any first name and complete the form to simulate an instant match approval. Once approved click the button on the approval step. You will be directed to a URL containing the values you have selected.