Setting up webhooks

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Use webhooks to be notified automatically when a significant event occurs for someone verifying for your offer.  There are three webhooks triggers:

  1. Eligible - when a verification result is eligible / approved.
  2. Ineligible - when a verification result is locked in as definitely ineligible.
  3. Custom - Business and Enterprise customers of SheerID can set up webhooks that trigger on additional steps in the verification journey.

Typically webhooks are used to receive the verification event signal and take action on it, such as with updating that person's record in a customer data platform (CDP).



  • You can define an HTTP callback (webhook) sent to a specific, static URL in MySheerID. Click on the program, click on Settings in top nav, and find the Webhooks card.
  • On the Webhooks card, enter the URL that will receive the callback
  • The webhook will send a POST message in JSON format. Included in the payload is the verificationId. SheerID never sends consumer personally identifiable information (PII) in a webhook payload.
  • You can use the verificationId to retrieve all user and program details about a verification from SheerID's REST APIs.

See the Creating Webhooks Tutorial in SheerID's Developer Center for more information.