How SheerID supports consumers getting verified

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Types of Help

While the verification process is very streamlined and efficient for the vast majority of consumers getting verified, inevitably some folks will run into issues. Those issues tend to be one of the following:

  1. Unclear of eligibility requirements for the offer
  2. Uncertain why their document was rejected
  3. Never received the expected email
  4. Technical issues
  5. Got verified, but having trouble redeeming or using the offer

Self Help

The starting point for all consumer verification support is our consumer help center. The type of help provided includes:

  1. Ability to self-trigger the latest email notifier. This greatly helps someone who misplaced their reward code, or forgets what was wrong with the document they submitted, or who simply wants to jump back in to a verification already in progress. This feature is not available to API clients that host their own email notifiers.

  2. FAQ content, with concise answers. When the community is known, only FAQ content relevant to that community is shown to the consumer.




All verification forms and emails link to the consumer help center, so it's easy for your customers to find it. When clicking from a form or email, the URL includes the programID; the help center is smart about showing FAQ content that is relevant to the specific community.

Verification Support Team

If a consumer is unable to resolve their issue through self-help, they can submit a help request to SheerID's verification support team through the consumer help center. We staff that support queue 24/7/365 and 100% of help requests will receive a personalized response. 

For more information, see our support FAQ

Your Support Team

We recommend you train your internal teams on your offer, so everyone is prepared when customer service issues arise. Read our best practices guide.

SheerID cannot assist with consumer questions outside the scope of verification. This includes, but is not limited to: billing/payment questions, offer redemption issues, and consumer accounts. We recommend training your support teams to handle these cases.

Our support teams can closely collaborate with your support teams to assist with basic inquiries like tier one support. We are also happy to assist you in enabling your agents with access to our customer service search tool within MySheerID. Please reach out to our Product Support Team for information on how to configure this for your support teams.