How to download files in MySheerID

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This article will highlight the download Inbox in MySheerID. The Inbox is where you can locate Audience Targeting lists purchased from SheerID through the Marketing Hub.

Using the Download Inbox

To help you locate downloadable files from SheerID, we added an Inbox section to MySheerID. To download a file, select the tray icon labeled Inbox on the left-hand navigation bar show in the picture below.

Once selected you will see all files available for download.

Download Inbox.png

The navigation items available in your MySheerID dashboard may differ depending on the permission roles assigned to your user profile. Only users with both the Reporter and Customer PII permission roles will see the icon and have access to the Inbox.

Click on the Download button to download the desired file listed in your Inbox. All files are automatically purged 30 days after initial upload by SheerID.