Utilizing evergreen offers

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SheerID’s most-successful customers employ a strategy that utilizes both evergreen offers and pulse offers. The below article details what an evergreen offer is and how best to utilize it.

A related article is available to assist with pulse offers.

What is an evergreen offer?

An evergreen offer is an offer that is always available.

This type of offer is important for improving search engine optimization (SEO) and driving ongoing word-of-mouth within a target community.

When a student hears from a friend about an offer from a brand they admire and searches for it online, it’s important that they can find the offer while the brand is still top-of-mind. Otherwise, that moment of high intent is lost.

Maintaining an evergreen offer also demonstrates that a brand cares about their target communities year-round.

Example use case

In this example, a company wants to honor Heroes.

They already have an existing evergreen offer on their website that gives all new site visitors an opportunity to save 10% off of their purchase by signing up for their email marketing list. This offer is not exclusive to any particular community, though.

To make Heroes feel closer to their brand, the company offers a separate evergreen offer of 15% off an entire order. This offer is only available to visitors who verify via SheerID that they are a member of one of the primary targeted community subsegments: Military, Teachers, Healthcare workers, and First Responders.

The additional evergreen offer for Heroes should be advertised on the company's website and included in their website's footer.

Setting up evergreen offers

By default, any program set up in MySheerID to verify visitors for eligibility toward an offer can function as an evergreen offer. The core functional difference between an evergreen offer and a pulse offer is simply the duration for which it is made available in your webstore or on your website.

Therefore, to set up an evergreen offer, follow the standard steps for launching SheerID and setting up a program as shown in this article.

It is recommended to periodically check your marketing and other links to ensure that visitors can still easily navigate to the offer verification form.

If you are using single-use codes, make sure to set up alerts and manage your reward pool to ensure you do not run out of codes to provide to successfully verified visitors.