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What is SheerID?

SheerID is an Identity Marketing platform that digitally verifies eligible consumers for gated offers to tight-knit consumer communities such as students, teachers, and more. It features a powerful digital verification engine that connects to over 20,000 authoritative data sources to instantly verify eligible customers who want to redeem your offer.

SheerID makes it easy for you to create, launch, and report on your gated offer programs with self-service capabilities that allow you to roll out a program in as little as a day.

What is a gated offer?

Gated offers are targeted promotions intended for members of a particular consumer community, also known as a segment. These segments may be based upon factors such as occupation, life stage, or other affiliation. Details on SheerID's supported segments can be found here.

Gated offers are typically offered in the form of discounts, but can be extended in a variety of ways including offers of free shipping or inclusion in a special event or pre-sale.

How do gated offers work?

Once you’ve finished designing your offer program and have placed it on your website, users can voluntarily submit their information through a single-page form. Typically these require fewer than 5 fields.

SheerID takes the provided information and verifies it against authoritative data sources to determine if there is an active record. If a matching record is found that confirms the person is a member of the targeted segment, they will be provided access to the gated offer. Typically, this is provided in the form of a reward code that they can apply within the brand's website, such as during checkout. This process is known as instant verification.

It is also possible to connect rewards directly to an existing account that the consumer has with your brand, but note that a Business or Enterprise level account is required to access this feature.

What happens if instant verification is unsuccessful?

If SheerID cannot locate a matching record for a consumer that verifies their membership in the targeted segment, that consumer will be asked to upload additional documentation for review.

SheerID has document review specialists who quickly process these types of requests, usually within just a few minutes.

How do I start using SheerID?

If you aren’t already working with us, you can get started by creating a MySheerID account. From there, you can access a free trial.

You may also want to consider our Pay-as-You-Go Starter plan if it's your first time using SheerID.

Once you've created an account, get started by designing a program.

Do consumers need a SheerID account?

No, SheerID does not require consumers to create an account and there is no verification that occurs directly on SheerID's website.

To be verified and access gated offers, consumers should navigate through the verification programs included on a brand's website. Some examples of what's available can be found here.