Limiting or Turning Off Your Offer

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Customize Offer Has Ended

SheerID supports the following methods of ending an offer:

  1. Capping total rewards given away
  2. Setting an offer deadline
  3. Manually turning off a program


Note: a related concept is same-person redemption limit


Capping Total Rewards Given Away

An example use case for this would be when supplies are limited and you only want to give away 10,000 free makeup kits.

This functionality is enabled by default if you’re using a reward pool of single-use coupon codes. When all the codes are gone (because they’ve been awarded to consumers who successfully verified for your offer), the program is effectively paused. To reactivate, simply upload more reward codes.

Additionally, when the reward pool is getting low, you can insert a special message informing the consumer that the offer is almost gone. You can turn on and edit this message in your program’s advanced settings and set the reward threshold. When the reward pool gets below the threshold, the special message will be shown.


Low Reward Pool


The errorID used in the form is noRemainingRewardCodes.


Note: the capping total rewards feature is not currently supported in our Shopify or BigCommerce apps.


Setting an Offer Deadline

If you have a limited time offer - such as an offer that is only running over Labor Day weekend - you can set the program to turn off on a specific day and time.

To achieve this, reach out to SheerID's Product Support team ( and ask them to set an offer deadline of an explicit DATE and TIME. When that date and time is reached, the program is automatically de-activated. To reactivate an expired program, reach out to Product Support.

The errorID used in the form is expiredProgram


Manually Turning Off a Program 

If you would like to turn off your program for any reason, reach out to SheerID's Product Support (

The errorID used in the form is inactiveProgram


Messaging Your Customers

When an offer has ended, we need to inform consumers who are trying to verify for the offer. If any of the above scenarios are triggered, we will show them the below default message:

Offer Ended

In MySheerID, under the program’s advanced settings, you can customize the messaging and choose where to send the consumer to next. We recommend linking to a consolation offer. For example, let’s say you have an evergreen offer for 20% off for Teachers. For teacher appreciation week, you create a new program with a special 50% off offer and limit it using a reward pool of 10,000 single use codes; if / when those 50% off codes are all given away to verified Teachers, you can point any new traffic to the evergreen 20% off offer.

Note that customizing the messaging in MySheerID updates all three errorIDs. So no matter which flavor of Offer Has Ended that you wish to use, you can easily control this messaging.

To preview the Offer Has Ended state, use mock steps.