How to edit email notifiers

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Modify your email templates from your Program Settings page. Templates are available for:

Verification success/approval

Triggered if the person reaches the success step.

Document review/rejection

Triggered if the person submits a document for review, and the document is rejected as insufficient.

Reminder to complete verification process

Triggered 15 minutes after the verification process is started, reminding the user to complete the verification process.

Maximum doc review attempts reached

Triggered if the person submits three different document for review, and all three are rejected. 
NOTE: Ability to edit reminder or maximum emails is only available on programs launched after April 21, 2021.


Click the dropdown caret on the Emails card to reveal the default email content for approved and rejected verifications. Edit as appropriate.


The styling for the email, including fonts and logo, is inherited from the styling in your program’s Theme settings.


Once you are satisfied with the content of your emails, click Save. To test the appearance of the emails, see Test Program and generate both approved and rejected emails to verify the user experience.