Eligible Subsegments

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By default, new programs include all applicable subsegments. As a best practice, we encourage our customers to be as inclusive as possible in the offer definitions, as this will both help you reach the broadest possible audience and avoid creating undesired negative consumer sentiment. 

Editing Your Subsegments

However, SheerID enables you to narrow the scope of your offer should you wish to do so. Most consumer communities support a defined set of subsegments. To edit them, log in to MySheerID, click on your program, then click on Eligibility in the top navigation. Under 'Who is allowed to redeem it?' check off the subsegments that you would like to include.

For example, a Student program by default includes all the following subsegments:

Expanded Eligible Subsegments

If you wish to only target college students, you can de-select the other subsegments. Your changes will be saved and the program automatically updates:

  1. The selectable organizations in the verification form
  2. The data sources used to instantly verify consumers
  3. The document review rules applied to your program

Update Messaging to Match

If you narrow the scope of your eligibility, you should also update the messaging on the Collect Info step of your verification form. Clearly and succinctly state who is eligible in a way that aligns with your subsegment selections.

For example, if want to only target US college students then you would select only the Full + part time college students box. Then navigate to the Text step of your program and update the Collect Info step to say “Verify you’re a student at a Title IV degree-granting university.”