Steps in the verification journey

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A SheerID verification happens one step at a time. Steps combine together into a flow. Step names may vary slightly depending on the segment, e.g., “Collect student info” vs. “Collect military status,” but the basic steps are similar from one segment to the next.

Below we will discuss the basic details of the different steps you will encounter in the verification process.


Happy Path Flow


Collect Info

Collecting information from a user is the first step in a verification. This is where you render a form.

Collect Student Info



If you go straight from the collect info step to success, congratulations! Typically a reward code is shown to the user on success. More seamless transitions can be achieved with JavaScript such as redirecting the user, or auto-applying a code to their cart.



Doc Upload

Instant verification may not be possible for a given user or verification type. In these cases, we will require that the user uploads documentation in order to complete the verification. Documents will be reviewed manually by SheerID staff.

The image below is an example of a student experience for the docUpload step, giving the user the option to upload the required documentation.

Doc Upload


When the user uploads documentation, the flow moves to the pending step, during which time SheerID staff will review the provided documentation to verify its authenticity and adherence to the rules of the offer.

Below is an example user experience for a student who has successfully uploaded the requested documentation.

Processing step

Since the document review process is manual, it takes some time, and you should assume that the user will not wait on your site for the approval. Provide an experience that allows them to redeem their offer from the approval email that you configured in MySheerID.

 Note: Exact timing for document review varies by segment and geography.

Attempts Exhausted

If the user fails to provide valid documentation, after 3 attempts the verification will move to the error step. At this point the verification has failed, and you must start a new verification process.

Doc Review Limit Exceeded