Publishing the verification form

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Now that your SheerID verification flow has been configured, it's time to invite customers to verify. As a best practice, create an offer landing page that outlines offer eligibility and then links to the verification form. This landing page gives your offer a digital "home." Link to it within promotional campaigns, and encourage customers to share, driving word of mouth.

Ensure that your SheerID verification form is available to your site visitors. In MySheerID, you'll see these two publishing options:


Option A: Pre-built Landing page

This is the simplest method you can use to launch your program to a live audience. SheerID has created simple but powerful landing page, that is hosted by SheerID. All you have to do is to link this page from your website and marketing campaigns, and SheerID handles the rest.


Option B: Javascript install snippet

If you want to install the program in a simple location on a page you host / own, such as your site’s homepage or a marketing page, you can use the SheerID install snippets. This is a low-code option that allows you to take an of the SheerID verification form and either:

  • Embed it within an existing page
  • Link to it via a button on an existing page, which opens a modal lightbox


Option C: API


If you want to install the program deep within an existing customer journey and have strong developer resources available to you, you can use our REST API or JavaScript Library.



Next step: Link to your offer page


NOTE: At this point in the setup, we encourage you to Test your program.