How to Launch SheerID

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The following video will demonstrate how to set up a standard program in MySheerID. Additional information is below the demonstration video.
Implementing and launching a gated offer using SheerID can be accomplished in seven simple steps:
  1. Define and create your offer. 
  2. Create single-use coupon codes for your offer. 
  3. Create a verification program for your target community. 
  4. Upload your coupon codes to the program.
  5. Link to the verification form in an offer landing page. 
  6. Link to that landing page from your site navigation.
  7. Promote your offer.

Read on for more information about what to do on each of these steps.


NOTE: if you use Shopify or Big Commerce for your ecommerce platform, we recommend using our Shopify or Big Commerce app. Access instructions for each of these apps below. These apps will guide you through the necessary steps to launch your SheerID program.

Get the Shopify app

Get the BigCommerce app
Read more about how the Shopify app works Read more about how the BigCommerce app works