Data and asset retention policies

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SheerID has established distinct policies for data and asset retention. This article aims to provide users with an overview of these policies, including the default settings and how to customize them to suit your specific needs. More information about personal data and purge compliance is available here.

Data, in the context of SheerID, refers to the information provided by consumers in the verification process, such as first and last name. By default, SheerID retains this data for two (2) years. This policy also affects full verification reporting results.

Assets are the documents submitted by end-users to confirm their status, which could include documents like a DD214 for veterans or a class schedule for students. SheerID's default asset retention policy states that documents uploaded by end-users are retained for a period of seven (7) days after a document has been reviewed. After this period, the documents are automatically removed from our systems.

While SheerID's default retention policies are in place, we understand that each client's needs may differ. For example, some SheerID clients choose to implement an "immediate" purge policy that removes person field data as soon as the request expires. Contact Product Support to customize these policies for your program based on your requirements.