Upgrading the Shopify app to enable customer tagging

  • Updated

As of February 2023, SheerID supports Shopify's customer tagging feature.

If you are new to SheerID or Shopify, you do not need to follow the instructions in this article and can proceed to our article on utilizing the SheerID app with your Shopify store.

When using the customer tagging feature:

  • You must use the app block with the Shopify theme editor.
  • If a customer checks out as a guest, customer tags will not be applied.

If you are utilizing existing SheerID programs in your Shopify store that were created prior to this enhancement and would like to make use of the customer tagging feature, there are a few steps you will need to take to update your integration and enable the feature. This article will walk you through the necessary steps.

Updating and enabling customer tagging

    1. Open the SheerID Shopify app and accept the changed app scope.
      • The app needs updated permissions in order to be able to modify your customer records with a tag. See note below for more details.

    2. For any existing programs in which you want to utilize customer tagging, you must create a new program for the same community.
      • Due to the technical nature of this enhancement, the tagging functionality is only supported on new programs and cannot be enabled on existing programs.

    3. Swap any new programs in place of their corresponding old programs in your Shopify store.

    4. Use the Shopify App block within the Shopify Theme editor.
      • The Shopify App block helps obtain Shopify's customer_id from the logged-in customer so that it can be updated with the appropriate customer tags. If the verification form is added in any other way, customer tagging will not be successful.
The SheerID app for Shopify will not create or delete customer records in your store. It will not modify your existing customer records other than adding the tag(s) you specify.

Find more information about tagging in this related article about using the Shopify app.

Example use case

In the below example, we assume the following conditions:

  • You have an existing discount offer available for Students to receive 25% off of your company's product.
  • You want to continue offering this same discount to this same community.
  • You would like people verifying for your offer to have their customer record tagged with the tags "Student" and "Verified".
  • You used a SheerID JavaScript snippet to publish your verification form.
You can only apply customer tags to visitors who are logged into your store before verifying for your offer. Customer tags cannot be applied to visitors verifying or checking out anonymously (i.e., as a "guest").

The following steps will create a new, identical version of an existing program that now utilizes customer tagging:

    1. Update the SheerID Shopify app to accept the new app scope.
    2. Create a new Student program.
    3. On the offer step in the SheerID Shopify app, set the discount amount to something other than the original offer (e.g., 24%)
      • This setting value will only be temporary, and will be used to distinguish your existing offer from the newly created one.
    4. Check the box to include a tag and add "Student" and "Verified" as the desired tags.
    5. In the Shopify admin area, find the page where you published the verification form for your existing Student program.
    6. Remove the existing JavaScript snippet.
    7. Use the SheerID App block within the Shopify Theme editor.
    8. Save your changes.
      • Once saved, anyone who visits your Shopify store will be presented with the new Student program's verification form. If they are logged in and verify using this form, the tags "Student" and "Verified" will be automatically applied to their customer record for your store.
    9. Find and hover over the original Student program in the SheerID Shopify app, then select the Archive option.
      • This will hide the program from view in the SheerID Shopify app.
    10. In the SheerID Shopify app, click on the new Student program.
    11. Go to the offer step and adjust the discount offer value back to 25%.
    12. Save your changes.

Use of the Testing Allow list will not update customer records with tags during these test-mode verifications.